Haryana Government announced new Bio Energy Policy 2018

Haryana government has announced a new Haryana Bio-energy Policy 2018 to promote generation of energy from the surplus biomass in the state and a target has been set to achieve minimum 150 mw biomass based power generation by 2022. Currently, the state has surplus biomass availability of 8416 thousand tonnes which has tremendous potential for utilization of the crops residues to generate electricity, biogas, bio-CNG, bio-manure and bio-fuels. The move will also reduce crop burning which raises environmental concerns for all ready polluted cities of Delhi/Faridabad etc.,

According to new policy, biomass power plant can be set up in agriculture land besides panchayat land on rent/lease basis

It also provides exemption from Land use approval, External Development Charges, scrutiny fee and infrastructure development charges. Besides, the land used in biomass projects will be out of the purview of the Land Ceiling Act of the government

The State transmission utility or the Transmission/Distribution Licensee shall bear the cost of Extra High Voltage (EHV)/ High Voltage (HV) transmission line up to a distance of 10 km. from the inter-connection point. In case the distance between the inter connection point and point of grid connectivity is more than 10 kms then the cost of transmission line for the distance beyond the 10 kms shall be borne equally
between the Independent Power Producer and the licensee

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