Biomass Power – an option to provide off-grid power

Biomass power plants in India are based mostly on agricultural wastes. Gasifier-based power plants are providing a great solution for off-grid decentralized power and are lighting homes in several Indian states. With 60000 villages not connected to grid, Biomass power will provide an ideal solution. As compared to Europe, where there are large power plants in the range of 200 -250 mw biomass plants, India is suited for an ideal capacity of 8-15 MW.

Biomass Power is non fluctuating, unlike wind power, is a renewable power is not taking off in big way in India is due to lack of biomass supply chain. Only in north India, due to large acreage of sugarcane gets fuel round the year. For others, post harvest – biomass fuel stretches only for 2-3 months resulting in lesser capacity utilization.

The larger agriculture based states like Andhra and Karnataka are yet to realize their potential, though Punjab and Haryana offers the highest tariff for biomass power of Rs.5.25 /kwh.

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