Where do we get biomass resource ?

Biomass generally refers to farm waste, rice husk and stalks, grass etc., However, as an industry biomass power generation generally depends on sustainable supply of biomass which will be mostly wood waste from paper mill, bagasse from sugar mill. These industries generally resort to set up biomass power plants as they can assure regular supply of biomass fuel.

There are other options to find reliable supply of biomass are forest residue gathering- harvesting waste from forest like collecting wood from old timber, trees/stalks damaged by insects/disease can be foraged by labour and can be supplied at regular intervals. However, logistics cost will be high if the power plant is not near to the resource

Another good source is agricultural waste – where after harvesting, remaining paddy/wheat stalks, leaves, stems , coconut shells, peels can also provide a sustainable supply of biomass. However, these are seasonal supplies and generally need to be pelletized for sustainable supply.

Industrial bio-waste is another good source – where a wood mill or a food processing plant can provide saw dust/vegetable waste. Coconut processing farms, betel/arecanut farms, coir farms and organic farms or food processing plants can also be a good source. A paper mill provide waste materials in the form of black liquor which can be used as biomass.

Now, due to increasing awareness there are farms which cultivate fast growing plants/trees exclusive for harvesting biomass. Algae /sea weed can be a good resource.

Finally, urban waste from municipal corporation significantly contains biomass – collected from various household trash which include rejected wood material, plant waste, tree trimmings etc.

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