Biogas to Biomethane/Biobutanol !

Biogas contains hydrogen sulphide, moisture and carbon dioxide and is corrosive which makes it unsuitable for vehicle applications. It also has lower calorific value, however when the above chemicals are reduced it becomes biomethane where it has a lot of advantage. Biomethane can be compressed to liquefied gas called CBM (compressed bio methane) where it can be used as natural gas, it can even be pumped into a gas grid. It can also be transported as CNG/LNG using cryogenic tanks. However, in India we are yet to see large scale plants and we are yet to certify standards for biomethane. A guaranteed metered supply into grid can help promoters to invest in biogas projects.

The latest technology is to convert biomass to biobutanol using microbes. Research is on to a suitable micro organism or a lab generated genetically modified microbes that convert waste to biobutanol. Currently, production of biobutanol is very expensive however it has several advantage compared to other bio fuels like better adaption for transport fuel without modification of current engines or in other related infrastructure of logistics.

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